3 Easy Ways to Lose the Holiday Weight -- Fast!

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

...and for many of us, that means holiday parties, family get-togethers, and every delicious dish under the sun, from your favorite cookies to sweet potato casserole with the marshmallows on top. From there, it's no wonder why many of us experience a post-holiday slump that leaves us feeling less-than-festive about our expanding waist lines and the numbers creeping up on the scale.

If you find yourself in that situation this year, don't worry! We have three easy ways to shed those holiday pounds quicker than you can say "Santa Claus."

 a tray of food

1. Stop dreaming of (eating) a White Christmas.

It's time to cut out the white from your diet: Things like bagels, white bread, rice and crackers fill our bodies with excess salt and sugar. As a result, our body retains more water than usual. So, if you're feeling a little post-holiday bloat, it could just be excess water weight. Focus on filling your plate with nutrient-rich, healthier choices, and you'll feel back to your pre-Thanksgiving self before you know it. And bonus: You'll likely feel like you have more energy, too!

2. Get up and get moving.

We won't sugarcoat it. It's cold outside, and in many parts of the country, there's snow on the ground. That definitely lends itself better to nap weather than exercise weather. But if you want to undo weeks of overindulging, it's time to start burning some calories. Hit the gym. Lift weights at home. Join a class. Whatever gets you moving around can help you drop the weight faster.

3. Sweat it off with SweatZone.

We're not a weight loss supplement, but we can enhance your workouts to help you see results faster -- especially in those stubborn-to-lose areas like your abs or thighs. Just apply a generous amount of balm before you workout, put on our waist trimmer belt (optional, but highly recommended), and do your thing. When you see how much sweat you'll produce in a single workout, you're sure to find the motivation you need to keep going!

It's the holidays, so don't beat yourself up over a few extra treats here and there. SweatZone can help you start heading in the right direction. Pick up a stick or tub today, and give yourself the gift of fitness results this season.