SweatZone Teams Up with 3x Ms. Bikini Olympia Ashley Kaltwasser

a close up of a coffee cupSweatZone, MedZone’s sweat-wicking workout enhancer, is making waves throughout the fitness community as a go-to product for maximizing results. Most recently, 3x Ms. Bikini Olympia and Fitness Cover Model Ashley Kaltwasser became a fan of the brand-new enhancer balm and its accompanying waist trainer, and we’re beyond excited to announce that she’s added SweatZone to her comprehensive workout routine.

Kaltwasser brings a competitive spirit and admirable dedication to the fitness scene, clinching 19 IFBB Pro League Wins, first place in the National Physique Committee Bikini Division, and seven All-State track and cross country records – all of which still stand today – among countless other accolades around the world. She accredits her success to her track background, formed on the platforms of discipline, agility and work ethic.

Whether you strive to be a leader in the fitness space like Kaltwasser, or if you’re in the early stages of building your gym routine, SweatZone can help you get the results you’re after. Pair our original or all-natural formula with our waist trainer belt, and start enhancing your workouts today.

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