SweatZone Workout Enhancing Balm Featured in International Business Times

SweatZone Workout Enhancing Balm by MedZone was Featured in International Business Times as a "Top 10 slimming cream for weight loss."

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Top 10 Slimming Cream For Weight Loss 


Are you are someone who struggles with not achieving your desired weight even though you eat right and exercise?  You may benefit from a slimming cream.  SweatZone Workout Enhancing Balm by MedZone is "made with 5 different oils and moisturizers that help nourish your skin while helping you burn fat at the same time."  It's the perfect addition to your workout bag. 

The International Business Times is one of the largest online news outlets in the US.  This publication focuses primarily on news and commentary regarding business and commerce.

SweatZone Workout Enhancing Balm by MedZone creates a sauna-like effect when applied and increases your circulation to make for faster warm-up and recovery times. SweatZone helps you maintain warmer muscles during your workout.  Apply SweatZone to the area you want to focus on during your workout and feel the warming effects fast.