Janine Delaney's Home Workouts Make Her Sweat Like She's in the Gym

Janine Delaney a.k.a Jump Rope Queen a.k.a Dr. Janine Delaney is working out at home during quarantine and is breaking a sweat like she is in the gym! She is using our Waist Trainer Workout Belt and our Workout Enhancing Balm 2 oz Stick. First, she liberally applies the Workout Enhancing Balm to her stomach to create a good layer to help trap in heat. Then she puts on our Waist Trainer Workout Belt over her stomach as well to provide another barrier to trap in heat. Together they cause a sauna-like effect around her stomach causing her to have, as we like to say, the best sweat of her life! This increases blood circulation, helps lose water weight, leads to faster warm-up and recovery times, and helps prevent minor injuries such as pulled or strained muscles. We are proud to have her use our products and share with everyone how you can still have a great workout at home during these uncertain times. 


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