SommerRay (25.5 Million Followers) Features SweatZone Waist Trimmer & Workout Enhancing Balm on Sommethings

SweatZone's Workout Enhancing Balm and Waist Trainer were featured on Sommer Ray's IGTV!!
Your favorite product to maximize results in the gym was seen by Sommer Ray's 25.5 million followers.  Her popular subscription box, Sommethings, has both our Workout Enhancing Balm and Waist Trimmer. 
You can see her recent IGTV video here.  If you just want to see SweatZone products in the video (it's ok if you do 😋) jump to 10:45. 
Sommer Ray is a fitness model and social media influencer.  She showcases new products frequently in her Sommethings Box.  Some of MedZone's SweatZone products were featured in her latest unboxing. 
SweatZone products are designed to help maximize results in the gym.  The SweatZone Balm traps in heat to help increase sweat output and circulation.  The SweatZone Waist Trimmer is an additional heat trapping barrier and also has a pocket for your phone.