Modern Athletic Health Fitness Contributors and Fitness Experts Give SweatZone Positive Review

SweatZone was recently reviewed in Modern Athletic Health.  The product review was very positive about the product and the impact it has on athletes and their aerobic activities.

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"We’ll be honest with you, before reviewing this product we were skeptical that it would do anything; after all, we are extremely active and don’t need help sweating—that’s for sure!  But after a few workouts and general work around the house, it’s apparent what SweatZone really can do for you. Yes, we noticed increased sweating and a slimming effect from that aspect of the product, but the best effects (in our opinion) was feeling like we warmed up without actually warming up! Not only did it feel great on the joints, but it eliminated our need to use things like sleeves on knees and elbows for light lifts on both upper and lower body.  Yes, you read that correct, no knee sleeves for high rep squats and no elbow sleeves on those heavy presses—SweatZone provided the warmth!" noted the reviewers at Modern Athletic Health.

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Their review of SweatZone had multiple fitness enthusiast trying the product and came back with very consistent results of using SweatZone before a workout.

"If you've ever needed an extra pick-me-up to enhance your workouts and fitness activities, or just something to improve your general ability to move through your day comfortably and freely, then SweatZone is definitely a product worth trying!"

Read the full review of SweatZone and how it can help aerobic exercise here.


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SweatZone allows you to have a sweet workout where your sweat output will increase as SweatZone helps create a "sauna effect" to improve warm up during exercise like cross-fit, weightlifting, running, or any aerobic activity.  SweatZone can be used in an original formulation, natural formulation, sticks, jars and with accessories like a waist trimming belt.  Give SweatZone a try to help your next aerobic workout or visit to the cross fit gym.