Reviews on SweatZone Products

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Great Product that does Good for Earth

Great pricing, large size wipes, love that they are biodegradable.

Sweat belt

I really love the sweat belt also the fact that it has a pouch for your phone it fits perfect

Great but too big

It works great but it’s too big with little back support

Fantastic product, quick delivery 🚚!

Very pleased with this company! They are honest, helpful, with excellent products!!!


We love the sweat belts, they adjust nicely, conviniéndoos phone pocket.

it works

works great without a smell

Not so good

It made my skin pill VERY BAD after the sweating !


Did not see much difference while working out with this product

Worth the money

This product will make you sweat where you rub it on worth the money

Repeat customer

Product does exactly as described one the packaging. “Cleans sweat, dirt & deodorizes”. One wipe alone is good for use on the entire body, and skin is left feeling clean and refreshed after a quick wipe down.

Doesn't move up

This product does not twist up like it should. I'm assuming it's like a big chapstick but i can't get mine to move so i shine my finger in it to get the product out. Very annoying.

Purchased but haven't used it

Makes you sweat faster, not sure if dangerous in anyway, haven't used it

Really Works!!!!

I Love It Cuz It Make Me Sweat A Lot. And I Already Lost Some Weight

It will have you sweating

It helps you sweat a lot. I don't always use the waist band sometimes I use the balm an wrapped with plastic wrap or wear sweat suit an it works also.

This didn't work for me

This didn't work for me

helps a little

it helped me sweat a little more but nothing crazy. Didn't really notice a difference

To big

Not sure how well the band works, as product was to big. However, I was impressed with the cream activator, as I used with another band...
instead of having the band to fit all sizes, maybe considering sizing them....

Off brand of sweet sweat

Feels like sweet sweat.


Amazing!! Highly recommend

The sweatband works great.

I didn't notice anything...

I honestly did not notice a difference with this. It was pretty hard to apply... the stick didn't glide well and pulled on my looser, more sensitive skin (c-section pooch). When I workout I usually do cardio and weights and feel like I already get a good sweat going so again, I didn't notice a difference. I also do have a lot of numbness around my c-section area so this could be a reason as to why I didn't feel it on me. For the price, it's worth a shot though! I would have used it in other areas but having two toddlers I get interrupted all the time and didn't want to risk getting any product on them by picking them up or them grabbing on my legs.

Excellent Product

Excellent Product!

Una amiga me recommend este producto. Me ha gustado . Me hace sudar pero es realmente peque